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Fashionable and Trendy Glasses at Bayview Optical in Livonia MI

Bayview Optical carries top designer frames as well as frames to fit into any budget. Our professional opticians will not only help you find frames that compliment your features, but also custom fit them so they will be the most comfortable. Besides helping to see the best, we’ll make you look the best. We are so confident, that we will give you a 100% guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied, we will make it right!

We have over 1,000 frames in our store that are hand picked from all over the world. Our skilled opticians will help you find the perfect pair that will suit all of your needs. Fashion forward frames or ones that fit your athletic lifestyle; we carry the frames you’re looking for.


 Eyeglass Lenses Progressive Scratch Resistant Glare-free

Bayview Optical offers the most advanced ophthalmic lenses and can fill any prescription but selecting the right eyeglass lenses is not an easy task. The perfect lenses are ones that fit the needs of each individual. Bayview Optical has been given the “Essilor Experts Award” because of our vast knowledge of Varilux progressive lenses, Transitions adaptive lenses, and Crizal glare free lenses.

Our job at Bayview, the “Essilor Experts”, is to help you determine the best lenses to fit your life style needs. Everyone deserves to have the clearest, most comfortable vision that can be achieved, and that’s what we strive for perfection with each and every patient.

Essilor lenses help to reduce eye strain to keep you comfortable throughout the day. And that’s why at Bayview Optical we give you a 100% guarantee that if you’re not completely satisfied, we will make it right.

Customer Review

With Transitions, Varilux, and Crizal lenses, I now have high definition (HD) vision [to watch Ultra HD TV 4K]. Thank you Dr. Blaize, Laurie, Donna — “it is a pleasure to have the best optical experience”. Thanks again Bayview Optical for the new Varilux XR progressive lens with Artificial Intelligence (AI) it’s a new vision experience with the AI technology.


Fashionable eyeglasses & sunglasses: progressive lenses, bifocals, polarized lenses, custom tinted lenses, super thin eyeglass lensesSunglasses aren’t just about style, they‘re essential in protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Sunglasses aren’t just about adults. Studies show that 85% of the UV damage done to eyes occurs before the age of 18. In order to combat the sun we offer Transitions, polarized, and custom tinted lenses.

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MD Johnson

A good selection of lenses.

The staff is very attentive and knowledgeable. I feel welcome whenever I am there. The wait isn’t bad at all and I’m never feeling rushed when I leave. They have a very good selection of lenses to choose from. I’m not a big fan of reviews but I do think they deserve to be recognized for their excellent work.

Beau DeFrisco

I left feeling stylish.

This place is fantastic, everyone from the doctor to the assistants are wonderful. They are very helpful and have a good eye for making you leave stylish. The facility is clean and open late. I used to be 10 minutes from them. I moved and am about 40 minutes away and still make the drive. Definitely worth it. A++

Barbara G., Livonia

The Perfect Prescription

I had such a good experience with Bayview Optical. Dr. Blaize’s exam gave me the perfect prescription for my glasses.

Beverly Baroni

Glasses and Sunglasses Livonia instead of Canton

Laurie Morris was fantastic! I brought in my prescription from another doctor for both glasses and sunglasses. Initially, I went there just to see what they had thinking I would go to my standard place in Canton to actually order. However, Laurie listened to my comments and spent a good deal of time with me selecting frames. She made lots of suggestions. They had a huge variety of frames! I have not been to any optical center where the staff were objective in gving feedback. Laurie was! I felt the same outstanding service when Laurie helped me decide on the actual lenses, and then later when I picked them up and she adjusted them. I was fussy; she was patient. The glasses came quickly. Also, I have never been to an optical center that wanted to see you back in 3/6 months to check them. Overall, outstanding service!!! Love all my glasses and sunglasses. Won’t go anywhere else!

April Collins

Wonderful Selection of Glasses

Bayview Optical is a wonderful place & the best optical place my family has ever been. The staff is very friendly & welcoming. They always have a wonderful selection of glasses. I would recommend them to anybody.

Jeff E.

Options for Frames & Lenses

I am very happy our family found Bayview Optical! All of the staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Blaize was very thorough with my eye exam. Laurie patiently explained all of my options in frames and lenses and it seemed her personal mission to make sure they worked properly and I was comfortable in them.

Taj Willis

Good Deals on Eyeglass Frames & Lenses

I had an awesome experience with Bayview staff. They were very attentive and have good deals on eyeglass frames and lenses. They are the best.

Cheryl Kent

Adjusting Well to Bifocals

Everything from short wait, to exam, to glasses selection, to receipt and vision correction were absolutely top notch. Doc was thorough and smart in setting prescription and testing as I had some red flags. I just got my blended bifocals and am wearing them 100% of the time and adjusting well after many many years between my eye exams. People there really care about YOU! FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE.

Susan Gunn, Livonia MI

Great Frames

Without a doubt the best customer service I’ve ever received!!! I would highly recommend!



Excellent service! Eyeglasses were delivered when promised.

Denise Dabbagh, Farmington Hills MI

Great Selection of Eyeglass Frames

The good people at Bayview have been taking care of my family’s optical needs for more than a decade. The consistent staff, the cleanliness of the store and exam facilities, and the great selection of eyeglass frames are just a few reason why I so highly recommend them. Recently, due to a knee injury, I was unable to leave the house and was in bad need of new glasses. I sent Lori a message on a Sunday night and she was making a house call to me a few days later. Since Lori has been helping me pick out my frames for so long, she knew what styles I liked and brought me over many options. I also had a rash on my nose that was being irritated by glasses and she was so kind to bring me some contact lenses that I could wear while my rash healed. Lori, the whole staff and the Doctor are so kind and generous. She is always telling us to stop in to get our glasses adjusted and she is always there for us when we have a mishap or problem. I would never go anywhere else. The whole group is there for you whenever you need something. That is priceless.

S.J., Farmington Hills MI

Good Selection of Frames

I have been going to Bayview Optical for many years and the service is always excellent. Dr. Blaze is very thorough in answering any questions I have. Bayview also has a good selection of frames. Lastly, they are open late on select weekdays and are open on Saturday, which is helpful from a work schedule standpoint. I highly recommend Bayview Optical!

Mary S., Livonia, MI

Frames That Are Flattering For My Face

I have been coming to Bayview Optical for several years, and I am very happy with the care and service I have received at Bayview. Laurie and Dr. Blaize are caring and personable, and make you feel at home in the office. They take the time to get to know patients and make sure that patients are receiving the best care possible. Laurie is great at helping patients select frames- I was very insecure about how I would look in glasses when I first got them, and she helped me pick out a very flattering pair for my face. I highly recommend Bayview Optical to anyone looking for an optometrist.

Daine Warner, Livonia, MI

Unique and Designer Eyeglasses

By far the best place to go for your eye exam and glasses and anything else you need for your eyes! The service is top notch, the products are high quality, and the prices are comparable to lower than other places in the area. They have a great selection of frames, with a wide variety of unique and designer styles as well as the more conservative styles. You’re sure to find the perfect pair of glasses to fit your personality! The staff is very professional, yet they treat you like family. Laurie is always very helpful and patient as I take my time picking out just the right pair of glasses. She answers all my questions and is very thorough in explaining anything I need to know.. The great service extends well past the day I receive my glasses. They always make me feel welcome to stop by anytime to have my glasses checked, cleaned, adjusted….just about anything I need! Undoubtedly the best choice I ever made! Make it yours, too!

Ellyn, Plymouth, MI.

Exceptional Care and Selection of Eye Glasses

Amazing service and staff. Dr, Blaze is more than thorough. I came to them a few years ago when my previous provider would not accommodate me for an emergency repair. I have been with Bayview ever since. Not only do you get quality and exceptional care with your exam and selection of glasses—–Your visit can be fun. You are treated like an old friend or family.

E. Grace

The Best Experience I’ve Had 

This was the best eyeglass experiences I’ve ever had. Shame on me for not coming here sooner! Everyone was very friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable- I decided to make the jump into progressive lens glasses and Laurie, with her wonderful patience, walked me through the whole process. She thoroughly explained everything I needed to know for each eyeglass option ( transition, anti glare, frame type for face shape…). I’m in my 50’s and have worn glasses since I was 12 and felt like this was the first time I had been to an optometry clinic.

When I received my new glasses, she explained how the progressive lens work; how to tilt my head, where to look…At first, I didn’t care for how they felt and even thought I had the wrong RX- but Laurie patiently explained that my eyes needed to adjust and the distortion would disappear and that’s exactly what happened. Five days out and they are great!

It is so awesome to not have to keep taking my glasses on and off to read things up close and at a distance- I went to the grocery store and could actually read the ingredients on the back of the boxes and cans without removing my glasses! By choosing the right transition option my glasses look like a high end pair of sunglasses but quickly revert back to clear eyeglasses when I’m inside. They transition nicely when I’m driving and greatly cut down on the glare.

They are very prompt, kind, caring…- Dr. Blaize gave a thorough exam and explained the different scans and results- It’s rare to find this level of professional, kindness and individual care in any medical setting; across the whole office- my only prayer is that he and Lori will not be retiring anytime soon. I definitely will return!!!

Don’t let the strip mall setting fool you! I’ve lived in Livonia for 24 years and have shopped at Joe’s produce for most of those years. I can’t tell you the number times I saw this place but made a poor judgment – this is a top-notch, professional, knowledgeable optometry clinic.

Scott Brandt

Great Frames & Lenses 

Very friendly staff and Doctor Blaize makes the eye exam easy. Great selection of frames and lenses. I highly recommend everyone to make Bayview their place for their eye exams and place to get glasses.

Mario Herrera

Eyeglasses Fit Well 

Everyone was so nice and they made sure the eyeglasses fit my face. Just real nice and patient with the customer.

Diana Kielian, Livonia MI

Always Helpful & Courteous 

Always so helpful and courteous. Bayview Optical’s optometrist and optician spend the time to go over all options and explain everything in detail. They were running a little late but it gave me the option to look for new frames. My eyes didn’t change so I ended up not buying new eyeglasses that day but left the option open to go back later. They kindly tweaked and adjusted my old glasses and I was on my way. I highly recommend them!

René B., Livonia MI

Just the Right Eyeglass Frames 

Dr. Blaize is an exceptional optometrist with such a kind, calm demeanor that even those of us who HATE anything medical feel comfortable! Speaking of comfort; Lori is a a ray of sunshine who welcomes you into Bayview as if you were a member of her family. She is bubbly, intelligent, and a superstar at finding just the right eyeglass frames. Take good care of yourself and your amazing sight with the help of Dr. Blaize and his amazing staff at Bayview!

Tiffany Rice, Oak Park MI

Eyeglass Frames for the Shape of Your Face

I have been coming to Bayview Optical for a couple of years. After my first experience, I immediately switched my two children over to their office as well. They spend as much time as you need helping you pick out the perfect frames for your face shape and preference. I took an especially long time picking out my first pair of glasses and they were incredibly patient; and they have been just as patient with me and my children each and every time we have come in. They are also very efficient and go the extra mile to make sure you have a positive experience. Thanks Bayview!!!

Joseph M., Farmington MI

Two Eyeglass Frames Were Exactly What I Was Looking For

Nice folks. Took care of me right away. Addressed my concerns with my current glasses. Really happy with the selection of eye glasses. Found two frames that were exactly what I was looking for.

Michael McCleary, Farmington Hills MI

Quality Frames

I have been coming here for more than four years. The staff is great and friendly. Dr. Blaize has always been very nice and professional. The. selection of glasses is a decent size with a lot of quality frames. There Saturday hours are a huge help as I work longer hours through the week.

Karen Daily, Farmington, MI

I highly recommend Bayview Optical!

Dr Blaize and his staff are qualified, patient, friendly, prompt and caring. They are even willing to go “above and beyond” and recently helped me with an eyeglass mission project I was working on. I encourage you to visit them and you won’t be disappointed!

C.T. Farmington, MI.

Happy With Eyeglasses and Eyeglasses Frames

Dr. Blaize and the staff at Bayview Optical are very professional. Everyone is helpful and friendly. They carry a very good selection of eyeglasses frames. I have been completely happy with my glasses, and my son is happy with his contacts (and glasses).

Keith Kingston, Canton, MI

Happy with Glasses and Prescription Sunglasses

I was very happy with my care at Bayview Optical. Dr. Blaize and his staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. My eye exam was very thorough. Lauri was a huge help in assisting myself in choosing the right pair of glasses for me. For the first time, I even ordered prescription sunglasses. Once ordered, the glasses were ready when promised. Once there, Laurie was not going to let me leave unless everything was absolutely perfect. The follow up calls to keep me posted on when everything was ready was excellent. Also, the pre-examination calls to confirm my appointment was excellent as well. Everyone there was very caring…I cannot thank you enough. The best thing of all is, I can see clearly than I ever have before. Thank you to Dr. Blaize and his staff for making the entire process easy! I’ll be back again when it’s time for my next regular exam. I would highly recommend a visit to Bayview Optical!

  • Kim Thomas

    Bayview is a great place to get your eyes checked with personal, friendly service. I love how fun the staff is and the quality product is awesome! They helped me pick out frames that suit the shape of my face. Love my new frames and lenses are awesome!

  • Jason Ruzycki

    I have been going to Dr. Blaze for years now and I have always had a great experience. Dr. Blaze and the staff are always very friendly and willing to help in any way possible. It is a very comfortable setting and the vision after is always better. I would recommend Bayview Optical to anyone with corrective lens needs!

  • Kalma Ross

    I have been going to Bayview Optical for a few years now. I can't say a bad thing about them. They have always made sure my glasses/contacts are perfect. When I did have an issue with my progressive lenses I talked to them and they got it corrected quickly. Here they know who you are and treat you as part of a family. You will never be a number and will get the best service possible.

  • Craig Willbanks
    I've been coming to Bayview for many years and have always had great experiences! Dr. Blaize has been very helpful in finding the right prescription for me and trialing different lenses until finding one that works great. He also has wonderful help up front, Laurie has been extremely helpful in picking out glasses that look good.
  • Stephen Webster

    The customer service at Bayview is always excellent. The staff is super helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make sure your needs are met. Laurie went out of her way to make sure my lenses looked great, and that they didn't make my eyes look buggy. Very Happy!

  • Kimberly Robertson
    My experience at Bayview Optical has always been great. Dr. Blaize is very knowledgeable, and has a very patient staff. Everyone is very helpful and ready to make you satisfied with your experience. They have very stylish frame choices, with a generous selection. I have absolutely no complaints. My whole family is treated by Dr. Baize and his staff and we couldn't be happier!
  • Nancy Schneider

    I was referred to Bayview by a gal at ANOTHER Optician's office. She knew I would find the frames I was searching for there. I met with Lori, Michelle, Kelly, and Dr. Blaize and was very impressed. All of them were/are very personable and professional. I was able to locate my "special" frame, and get all of my questions answered. There were/are no insurance issues and I always feel well-cared for, with undivided attention. I highly recommend Bayview Optical!!!

  • Lesa Ferencz

    We love this office. The staff is friendly and very responsive. Appointments are easy to get and the doctor very kind and most importantly....knowledgeable. Eye glass selection is comprehensive and the turn around for my child's new glasses has been timely. We highly recommend Bayview Optical.

  • Elizabeth Marino

    I started going to Bayview Optical last year and wish I had started sooner! All the workers are so professional and knowledgeable of their profession.They are SO helpful and make you feel very welcome in their store. They have a great selection of glasses and make sure you feel you are 100% satisfied before leaving. I would recommend this optometrist to anyone and already have!

  • Rebecca Sitler
    I've been coming to Bayview Optical for about ten years. Everyone there is always so welcoming and professional. I couldn't imagine a better experience and selection for my glasses and contacts needs.
  • Michael McCleary
    I have been coming here for about 4 years. The staff is great and friendly. Dr. Blaize has always been very nice and professional. The. selection of glasses is a decent size with a lot of quality frames. There Saturday hours are a huge help as I work longer hours through the week.
  • Deb Drummond

    I first came to Bayview Optical in 2010 after experiencing a disastrous experience with another office when I tried to get contacts. As a new contact wearer, the other office didn't teach me to put the contacts in nor fit me properly. Bayview fitted me with the perfect contact prescription and I could see better than with my glasses. Not only that, Laurie was such a big help, teaching me how to put them in and take care of them. Even though I no longer wear contacts, I've remained with Bayview because the service is great, the staff is friendly, and I'm always satisfied with the choices Laurie has helped me make when getting new glasses. Can't recommend Bayview highly enough!

  • Monica Levin

    Great service and beautiful eyeglasses! I have been coming to Bayview Optical for my eye exams and glasses for five years. Five Stars!

  • Maureen M
    From my initial call to Bayview Optical all the way through to completion of my eye exam and order, I was treated with such respect and kindness. In the past I have shopped eyeglasses at the large retail chain stores because I thought I was getting a better deal - NOT TRUE, Bayview was on point with pricing and selection. I will go back again for sure!
  • Kelsey Lamb

    Excellent customer service and quality care. The only facility I have been to that takes so much time to help me select the best pair of frames for me. Lori also sat and helped me feel confident with contacts, which is something I have always had trouble with. Highly recommend.

  • Shirley Robertson

    Our family have been going here for quite a few years now. Dr. Blaize is thorough and takes the time to listen to any concerns you have. Laurie is awesome. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to picking out glasses and is excellent at fitting them to your

  • Kevin Casey

    My wife and I went in for our eye exam there and it is a quiet and quaint place.
    The eye exam was is typical as you would find in many other places, but the customer service is top notch. We browsed Costco’s selection of frames but they were not as nice as Bayview’s. Bayview has a friendly staff. Dr. Blaize is laid back and very kind. The staff does not pressure you into buying anything. My wife got a pair of glasses and they bothered her. We went in every week for 3 weeks and they made sure that everything was OK. We eventually ended up going with a different frame and they were very helpful in the process and helped us out. I would highly recommend this place. It is the type of place I would take my own mother to.